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My name is Juliana Morehouse. First, my family and my friends would tell you that I am an old soul. Because I am often on a different wavelength than many of my peers, I am quite perceptive of what my generation does and what they value. While I am constantly soaking in my environment, I have a tendency to romanticize most elements of my life. I love breathtaking scenery, storybook moments, unending laughter, Nicholas Sparks movies, deep relationships, spiritual revelations, and realized dreams. For me, writing is a way to express the romance I crave in my life. I am the girl who is constantly in deep thought and always asking: why?  Why is that a norm in our culture? Why does our culture value that? What could we be doing differently to have a more fruitful world? But, the most important thing for you to know about me is my faith. My faith in God is not a part of my life nor is it a part of me; it is my life and it is me. God is my GPS. He tells me where to go; He tells me how to get there; He re-routes me when I am going in the wrong direction. For me, being a Christian has been the greatest gift of my life, and I want to provide a look into the world through a theological lens. I am currently pursuing my Master's of Arts in Theological Studies, so I intend to blend what I am learning in school and what I am observing about the world. Tune into Journals of Juliana to read reflections on the modern culture from a twenty-something old soul!

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